What Is A Lyre?

Well for one thing, it’s an instrument, but I guess that’s fairly easily deduced, isn’t it? However, it can be supposed that lyre was once used, or may still be today as a catch all general term for “harp”, though a harp is often much larger. If there ever was a formula for what a […]

The Lyre In Greece

The lyre is no longer actually a major part of Greek culture, though at one point, it was popular as a played instrument, –several archaeological finds are plenty of evidence, as well as a form of art. Women, and men were of divine connections were painted, carved, and sculpted while playing the lyre, as were […]

How Is It Made?

Well, there are two actually stories about how the lyre was made, and one of them is practical, the other a little gross, in which the Greeks take most of the credit. The most practical way of constructing the lyre is with tools, and materials. A hollow body is made from wood, in the classical […]

The Lyre In Other Parts of Europe

Naturally, because the Greco-Roman world was so proficient, and widely spread in trade and in culture the lyre was known by many cultures, so that the instrument spread and was adapted into variations. So it wasn’t just the ancient Greeks and Romans who played the lyre, because other instruments were played, and called lyres, since […]

Lyres All Over The World

The tanbura was the most common form of the lyre all over the world, –it existed as the major form of the lyre in the Arabian peninsula, in Somalia, and in Djibouti. It was also played along other forms of the lyre in Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, and Yemen. Below are a list of other places […]

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